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I am a professor at a university. I often sit at the library, reading documents for my research. There is a female student who has been appearing often lately. A beautiful, noble girl, she is always seen silently reading books. Sometimes our eyes meet again. But probably because I haven't had much contact with women, I was confused. One day she came to talk to me. It turned out she was Momo, a student in the class. Because she was an introvert and shy about communicating, I didn't pay much attention to the students. Also for this reason, my classes are often very boring. But Momo liked my lecture, looked forward to my next class, she also liked the same writer as me, it seemed like there was some connection between us. I was also extremely impressed with Momo's shy expression. “If it's okay... I'd be very happy if you could tell me more about it.” It took me a while to realize it was her invitation. With no reason to refuse, I took her home and talked about my favorite works. When it was late, I was about to take Momo to the station when she suddenly confessed her feelings to me. When she said she wanted to "eat" me, I was confused for a moment, but because Momo kept coming forward, I quickly got into rhythm with her. Only now did I know that despite her innocent and pure appearance, her sexual orientation was very "bold". I don't know when, but I became her slave, following her orders, letting her fuck me whenever she wanted, doing whatever she said...

IPX-279 My tutor is my father's mistress
 Movie Code: IPX-279 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Momo Sakura